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Renewed Skills, Renewed Hope

As a single mom of two sons, one of whom has special needs, and a first-time homeowner with a mortgage to pay, Nina is busy around the clock.  Although she desired to return to school to develop her professional skills, Nina had few options given her financial and personal responsibilities at home. “I wanted to return to school but I couldn’t afford the schooling because I have [the mortgage].” Nina sought out student loans but none approved her. Despite countless rejections, she continued to search for opportunities, hopeful that she would eventually find something.  

One day while visiting the Family Health and Birth Center, Nina learned about Community of Hope’s Healthcare Customer Service Training Program, which is available free of cost to qualified individuals. “The staff happened to be handing out flyers and when the employee told me the program was about to start, I jumped right on it!” She submitted her application materials and registration information the very same day.  She was accepted into the program the following day and began her first day of class a week later.

The program turned out to be everything Nina expected and more. “It helped me practice my customer service skills so that I can give the patients the best service possible.” Participating in the program also gave her the opportunity to build lasting relationships with classmates, to learn and master soft skills that will enhance her marketability as a medical professional, and to gain access to resources that will assist her in the employment seeking process. She has already had interviews for employment and is hopeful that she will land a job soon!

Nina calls our Healthcare Customer Service Training Program a “blessing.” Not only is she closer to getting a job with the skills acquired in the class, but she was able to do so without financial burden. “I’m ready for employment!” she exclaims.

Note: Already several graduates of the first class have found solid employment and the second round of classes began last week.