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Celebrate Hope

Join us on October 16 for a Sparkling Night of Hope, a cocktail reception to benefit our housing and healthcare programs.

1,000 and Counting

Since the Conway Health and Resource Center opened in January, we have served over 1,000 patients with medical and dental care.

Vision Fulfilled

In 2013, we served 7,100 patients, housed 354 families in supportive programs and started a new workforce development program. Celebrate our successes in our Annual Report. 

Stories of Hope

Volunteer Spotlight: Martir Salmeron

Martir Salmeron is a Marie Reed lifer. When his mother was pregnant with him, she sought out the clinic which is now home to our Marie Reed Medical Center for her OB/GYN care. It was not a Community of Hope site at the time; it was a city-run center with a similar mission to offer affordable health services to the neighborhood. She was living nearby in Columbia Heights and had recently immigrated to the U.S. from El Salvador. After Martir was born, he’d go there for check-ups. Fast forward about 30 years, and Martir is back as a volunteer.

After seven years in the Navy and a few years in government accounting, Martir realized that “being in a cubicle wasn’t doing much” for his life and he